I have back pain. Should I see a Physio or go to Pilates?

This is often a question we get asked, so Freddie and I decided to put together this quick guide to help you decide which is best for you. 

Before we start,  if you are having any of the issues listed below, contact your GP and skip both Physio and Pilates for now.

  • Sudden localised pain after a fall.

  • Generally unwell, with aches in other joints with a temperature.

  • Recent lower back pain, and you have developed bladder problems.

  • You have lower back pain and you have now developed pins and needles, and weakness or numbness below the knee.

  • You have a previous history of Cancer or Tumour.


If you have gone through the above list above and non of them apply, consider the following to help you decide if its Physio or Pilates for you.

The following situations are generally more suitable for Physiotherapy first.

Significant change in your lower back pain.

New sharp pain eg had a bit of a niggle then bent down to put on socks and had a feeling like something went but not with any of the associated issues listed in the first section.

You have any kind of back pain and you just want exercises and advice to carry on with at home, and don’t wish to do Pilates or commit to a class.

In these situations we would suggest Pilates

Ongoing back pain which comes and goes, possibly had it for a while. Maybe you have had treatment in the past,  and Pilates has been recommended. 

You think your poor posture is contributing to back pain. In this situation learning to improve your posture through Pilates will greatly reduce your discomfort. 

Prevention– you are beginning to feel a slight niggle, now and again and you don’t want anything to stop you!

You have had back pain for a while and have had a physio programme, and now you just want to keep working to prevent or reduce the impact of a further episode of pain. 

If you are still unsure give one of us a call, and we can advise you. 

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