Individual Pilates Sessions

What happens during an individual Pilates session?

Firstly I take details of any health conditions or injuries that you might have, this ensures that I tailor the exercises to your ability, ensuring we don’t aggravate any injuries.

Next I tell you a bit about Pilates (this take less than 2 mins)

Then we get started, I will look at your posture, teach you how to use your core muscles and start some basic exercises. Pilates is quite specific so this session helps you to understand how the exercises should feel, and makes it easier to follow the exercises in class, or when practicing the exercises at home. Each exercise is aimed at working a specific muscle group so during this session we can adjust your position, and movement to make sure we get the right muscles working.

Most Pilates exercises are carried out lying on the floor, this is referred to as Pilates Matwork.

If you would like to arrange an individual session I do them in my Broughty Ferry studio. I am usually available for individual sessions on Thursdays at mornings, Thursday evenings at 8.15pm, and some Saturday mornings. Other times can be arranged if these times do not fit in with you.

I charge £40 for the individual session, which lasts 50 mins.

Group Beginner Pilates Class

If you would like to join a group class to start your Pilates journey, this could be for you. 

This can be done instead of an individual Pilates session getting you ready to join the general group classes. 

This class is suitable for people who have never done Pilates before. 

You don’t need to be fit or flexible to attend this class, all you need is to be able to get on/off the floor, either independently or with a little help.

There is a maximum of 5 people in this class so you will get plenty of individual attention.

Over the four weeks we will:

  • Look at your posture making any  corrections necessary. 
  • Teaching use of core muscles (with permission I will feel your tummy to make sure the correct muscles are working).
  • We will go through each basic Pilates exercise, ensuring you get and feel the right muscles working. 
  • We will also learn how to breathe in harmony with your Pilates exercises

Information About Individual Pilates Sessions